Saturday, December 6, 2008

Xprize - MDI / ZPM

The Xprize foundation has been a great source of innovation for the development of very specific cutting-edge technologies. 

Shall we focus on 100mpg or energy equivalency?

Presenting the MDI / ZPM  entry:

...Excellent description of the 4 cycle, 5 stroke engines being developed by MDI, for use in the FlowAir class of vehicle.


For more information on the MDI Compressed Air Engine with Thermodynamic Cycle, please visit:

*This is a most informative website on how the whole compressed air concept works in a dual mode engine.


Shiva Vencat - CEO
Zero Pollution Motors (ZPM) USA

Interview with Shiva Vencat:

*spread the word... "the future is air"

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